What Is The Hegai & Esther Wholesale Reseller Program?

Welcome to the Hegai & Esther Wholesale Reseller Program!  Ours is a brand a lot of people are eager to be associated with, both in terms of usage and the rewarding entrepreneurial benefits that come with being a sale representative. Our website is the ultimate source for buying wholesale makeup brushes, eyebrow definers, hygiene products, blending sponges, and other makeup accessories. Our Reseller Program is such that encourages people at all levels of business to transact with us, so whether or not you have an established physical or online beauty supply store, you can purchase our beauty products at wholesale prices.  Once you receive our approval, you can start buying our beauty products at wholesale prices online.


Types Of The Wholesale Program

Level 1

RUBY: This is the least level you can start with. The Ruby Retailer sells directly to the consumer/end user.  A minimum amount of N50,000 is required to be a Ruby Retailer. This amount covers the products of your choice at a 10% margin

Level 2

DIAMOND: The Diamond Wholesaler is interested in being a wholesale reseller to retailers. For this Reseller type, kindly register likewise and then call or send an email to us. We will respond to you giving you details of the requirements. 

What Are the Benefits Of Joining The Wholesale Program?

Our wholesale reseller program has many advantages:

  • Acceptance of wholesale applications from all countries;
  • Free enrolment;
  • Competitive wholesale pricing;
  • Convenient online wholesale order placement;
  • Acceptance of credit and debit cards (In View);
  • Low minimum order requirement (N50,000 minimum for first order and reorders); and
  • Enlistment on our website as a registered reseller

How Do I Become A Wholesale Reseller?

Ready to become an Hegai & Esther Wholesale Reseller?  Follow the easy steps below:

1.  Read the Hegai & Esther  Wholesale Terms and Conditions;

2.  After you have read, understood and agree to the Wholesale Terms and Conditions, click the following link to register as a wholesale reseller:





3.  To speed up the wholesale application process, send an email immediately to with additional documentation showing proof of your business (e.g., business registration).

4.  Wait to receive the approval email to join our Wholesale Reseller program or answer our requests to provide additional information or documentation.

5.  Once you are approved as an Hegai & Esther Wholesale Reseller, log into the “My Account” area of our website to view the wholesale pricing.

How Do I Place A Wholesale Order?

To place a wholesale order on our website, log into the “My Account” area of our website.  You will be able to view the wholesale pricing on the individual product page.  Add the desired beauty products to your shopping cart.  Continue to the One Page Checkout from your shopping cart.  We will fill your order within a few days.  If you are planning on ordering a large number of one product, please contact us first before placing your order.  We will check our inventory to ensure we can fill your order.

How Do I Contact The Hegai & Esther Wholesale Team?

If you have any additional wholesale questions, send us a message anytime.  Complete the contact form on the Contact Us page.  Remember to select the “Wholesale Inquiries” option from the drop down box of the contact form.  We will respond as soon as possible.