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Here to Make Friends

I can’t possibly be the only one who gets bewildered when asked the question “tell me about yourself”. Suddenly I’m like a cat on hot bricks, or should I say ‘on Christiane Amanpour’s bricks’! My mind suddenly goes on a rampage and every possible response to that request begins to squabble in my head. In short I don’t like the question! But I guess I can’t avoid it this time, I intend to be sharing my life and work experiences with you from time to time, and this being the maiden edition I’m thinking it’s just right to start off by introducing myself to you.

So here we go, but first #BurmesePosition

My husband, Demola, my daughters and I

Yeah my name is Gbemisola Adebayo, I’m a spoilt wife, a mum to three beautiful girls, I’m a fitness enthusiast, and I love to travel to places rich in culture and tradition. Wait, don’t be fooled by the fitness enthusiast part, my body isn’t toned, I don’t have six packs, and I am not a size 8! Yam will not allow me to be great; what, don’t judge me I’m from Ondo town for Pete sake! Anyways, back to my introduction (you see what I meant about every possible response squabbling in my head), I am the founder and CEO of Hegai & Esther Cosmetics – a makeup production company, a director in Abaolu Farms – a dry foods company, and I sit on the board of an NGO and a multi-national cable company. Don’t get me wrong though, this CEO/director isn’t self-adsorbed and sitting obliviously at the top, neither is she hidden away in the cushy confines of her “pent house’ sipping Hambledon. I am at the front lines with my employees, and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Speaking of dirty, I got my big break in business in the year 2012 when I launched a campaign on makeup hygiene. I had a horrendous experience nursing my one-year-old daughter when she came down with oral herpes. For some reason she couldn’t tell the difference between food and a makeup brush so she used to put my dirty, unsterilized makeup brushes in her mouth. The unpleasant experience gave me an epiphany as I was convinced that a lot of makeup artists and enthusiasts weren’t aware of the dangers lurking inside their dirty, unsterilized makeup tools. So, I started the campaign and today the rest is history.

You may be wondering ‘Why is Gbemi sending me a personal blog?’ I’m not even gonna lie, this CEO lags behind in social interactions and she desperately wants to connect with you, PERIOD! You know, being a CEO can sometimes be an incredibly lonely job; when you are in a position of power the buck stops with you, and the pressure to consistently deliver results tends to sometimes make you isolate yourselves. So this is my way of embarking on a mission to revamp my social life; I recently joined a gym, I set alarms on my phone to remind me to call/chat up family and friends, and I have made several failed attempts to get a dog. Like seriously WHY WON’T DEMOLA ALLOW ME GET A FREAKING DOG??? I’ve tried all the tricks in the book, I’ve cajoled, I’ve promised to house train the dog, and I have even enlisted the girls to promise they’d get all As in their studies, but the man of the house just wouldn’t budge. Guys I’m open to suggestions on how I can convince Demola that the dog won’t be a pain in the arse (pardon my language) PLEASE ADVISE!!!

Besides wanting to revive my social life, I believe I have garnered lots of experience from life and business and its time I shared all of these with the world, starting with people who have supported me and my brand over the years, people like you!

I should stop here don’t you think? Before you start thinking this lady is so chatty, on the contrary I’m an introvert. While I may thrive in communicating using my keyboard, I cower when put on the spot.

It’s either of two things if you have read to this point, you’re either bored or somehow you were able to connect with me on a deep level, to God I’m hoping it’s the latter! If it is so pleeeease let us make this a two-way communication thingy, drop a heart, a comment, or share with someone.

Hugs, Love, and Chocolate Bar

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  1. Triumphant Essien Samuel

    I can’t believe i read it all. But it was worth the read…

    1. Yaaay glad you did Triumphant 😀 you actually are the first to comment 🎺 🎉 So that officially makes us friends now 😁

      1. Marian's hub

        It was a fun read and I almost feel like I know you already 😊.
        Eskix sir, allow our CEO to get a dog o😉

      2. Esther


  2. Efosa Okundaye

    So pleased to finally get to the beautiful face behind H&E! I love that you reached out.
    Good luck with getting a dog, I have been trying to convince my mum for more than 35 years! Please let me know when you finally get a breakthrough…

    Thank you ma, you made my day.

    1. Hey Efosa 👋 yes this is my face o. Someone suggested I should just bring a cute puppy home, that no one can resist a cute puppy. You can try that and let me know if it works 😃

    2. Bolatito Adewumi

      It’s my pleasure chatting with you Gbemi…Nice write up there🥰🥰

  3. Berry Diepiriye

    Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Motunrayo Taiwo

    I love you so much na,,,…I love your products and you have a heart of giving,,.God bless your soul and God bless your family and the work of your hands…love you right back ,… @tuns_makeover

    1. Hey Tunrayo 👋 I may not know your face but I know your brand run well, I think we’re following you even. Glad to have you in my little corner 😀 And thanks for your love for H&E, we’re still her because of your support.

  5. Olateju Famiyesin

    ❤️❤️. Hugs, Love and Chocolate bar. I’m taking this as a sign that I’m probably “CEO material” because I can relate to almost every line except the married part for now😅

    1. Hey Teju 👋 welcome aboard the CEO plane, try not to get yourself ostracized from the world while you’re at it 😀

  6. Nwangwu Mercy


  7. Mercy


  8. mogbonjubola odukoya

    Good morning I loved what you talk about your family and yourself.. they re lovely and beautiful thats I have ever seen… also I like what you said bout your self … my name is mogbonjubola odukoya … so I have a special abilities and I’m just grateful to God’s for everything …. bng hobbies are fashion illustrations and swimming also I do exercise also dancing then drawing I got this talents as a gifts from God.. so I’m a makeup artist and I have own brand of jubbies_place but I haven’t started yet so I’m planning to start over again cause I feel I’m going to give up on it .. so my advice is never give up on your business and encouraged more people also support your family.. and ofcouse I’m very shy person and I do love making friends …

    1. Hey Mogbonjubola 👋 you’re my good friend’s namesake. Thank you for telling me about yourself and for the advise ❤️ Yes the pressures of life can make one want to give up sometimes but we must never give in. We can retreat and re-strategize but we must never give up

  9. Zee

    Enjoyed it, you are doing a good job, your daughters are beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. lilian

        Can’t believe I read to the end..interesting read though

        1. Hegai & Esther

          So glad you enjoyed reading it Lilian. Thanks for connecting with me hear 🤗❤️🍫

  10. Konyinsola Tychus

    Lol. I enjoyed this a little too much.
    Tips on how to bribe your husband? Just show up with a very cute puppy, nobody says no to a cute puppy with beautiful bold eyes. Your daughters are beautiful by the way!
    A little introduction about myself, my name is Tychus Konyinsola and I am a makeup artiste. 6 years abd counting now, I have a dog too 😊. A very sweet and troublesome Lhasa!
    I love to Netflix and chill, being a baby girl and buying makeup products 😊😊😏. Anyways just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this piece and looking forward to more.

    Do have a lovely day. Cheers 🥂.

    1. Hey Koyinsola 👋First comment I’m reading 😃 Glad you enjoyed it a little too much 😀 I might just do as you said about the puppy, hopefully he’ll fall for it’s goofy eyes

      1. Taiwo Ojo

        Lovely family.nice connecting with you here. Am one of the H&E vendors. Beautiful family you have got.

        1. Hey Taiwo 👋 Nice connecting with you too dear, so you’re not just a friend but also family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  11. Joyella


  12. Tee


    Thank you for sharing😎

  13. Bassey Annie

    Wow a nice story behind the success, haa why won’t he want a dog na, dogs are wonderful pets and i even missed mine. Thanks for sharing ma, we love you.

    1. Hey Bassey 👋 Honestly I still don’t get why some people don’t like dogs, they’re the cutest thing ever. Actually not like he hates them, he likes them from afar, he liked my brothers dog for example, but just doesn’t like the idea of living with one.

  14. Ofure

    This is lovely❤❤

  15. Ann

    Good to hear from you, quite interesting email and warm.
    I apprecaite your person
    Plenty love

  16. @omollara

    For a moment , it felt like we were friends gisting 🥰, thank you for this .. you guys are beautiful 🤩,
    About getting a dog , keep trying o, pray too , hopefully he will agree

    1. To be honest Omolara while writing the article I actually felt I was in a room speaking to people… not that I’d flow like that if I was though 😀 but truly it felt good writing it, I felt I was connected with a friend. Thanks for reading 🤗❤️🍫

  17. Ɔbaa

    😍😍😍 you’re beautiful

  18. Motunrayo


  19. Olusola

    Beautiful you ma’am.

    It’s good to read about you.

    I’m Olusola, the creative consultant at Twelve03 Services, a graphic design and printing company.

    1. Hi Olushola 👋 first graphic designer I’m chatting with here. Thanks for reading dear friend ❤️

  20. House of Rheevo

    I enjoyed reading your newsletter! Should we start a petition to beg Uncle Demola about the dog?

    You look stunning!
    You wear many caps so elegantly and your family is beautiful!

    1. I’m in for the petition o. Guy just walks away immediately I bring up the dog topic 😀 Thanks for the compliment too… I know your brand, I think I’m following you even, but don’t know your name o

  21. Candy Ajijelek

    It’s been lovely know a lottle(lot+little = lottle 🤣) about you.

    I’m Candy Ajijelek and I’m a makeup artist and beauty content creator on YouTube and Instagram for CANDYSMAKEOVER(my brand).

    I’m also an introvert but I love to chat about all things makeup, business and snacks(I’m a sweet tooth lol 😆 I wonder why my parents named me Candy sha.

    Cheers to connecting with you in our little community 🥂

    1. Candy I know you now 😀 that makes two of us o I’m a chronic sweet tooth, but I’ve successfully stayed off one for 3 days now 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  22. Ogechi Oparaji

    Thank you for sharing your life and struggles with us. If you do not mind, kindly a video or a link to an audio or video where we can listen or watch your journey into the makeup industry and how you got your big break.

  23. Josephine

    It is so nice hearing or getting a mail from the CEO of H&E cosmetics ❤️❤️

    1. Hey Josephine 👋 thank you for reading my not so short letter. Hope to chat with you again sometime soon

  24. Ghaneeyah

    I really enjoyed reading this and yeaaaa Cheers to making new friends🥂❤️

    1. kechika obianeli

      Lovely read. Definitely connected.
      As a fellow introvert.
      Can’t believe you have such big girls. Never would have thought.
      Keep doing great things!

      1. Hey Kechika. I’m not as young as you may think 😀 I’m in my 40s. Thank you for reading and connecting. Looking forward to having more conversations with you.

  25. Tochi

    Lovely to meet you!

  26. Oluwaseun

    Nice to meet Gbemisola!

  27. Eloho Adetunji

    Nice connecting with you

  28. Oluwatosin Sam-Amoye

    This is remarkable! I really enjoyed the write up. I had good laugh.
    I have watched Hegai and Esther grow from very humble beginnings to what it is today. It can only be God. I must add that they have only just started !
    Global reach in view IJN
    Such a lovely and inspiring family.

  29. Pelumi Adesina

    Lol enjoyed this soo much ❤️❤️

  30. Eniola

    That was a fantastic one and your mail came in just when I was seated feeling so tired due to workload Nd it really cracked me up

    My name is Eniola a young graduate trying everything possible to earn a living and a CEO of a small scale makeup business (@marhie_gold). Resides in Lagos with family, not married but praying to meet the right one someday, Nigeria is filled with Yoruba demons 😊, an introvert just like you, first child of d family with responsibility on neck but also a mummy’s pet.😉😉

    It’s really nice Meeting you ma’am 🤝🤝🤝

    1. Hey Eniola 👋 Thanks for connecting with me here. How’s your makeup business doing? I understand Being first born can be a lot of responsibility (I’m guilty of expecting so much from my first child 🤦🏽‍♀️). But then again I know that at the end of the day we can only do our best and wait on God to bless our 5 loaves and 2 fish. Lol @ Yoruba demons, it’s not true jo 😀

  31. Remi-Jimoh Mariam


  32. Yewande

    Lovely write up. I met you for the first time when the studio was still at Ojodu. Your warm smiley face opened the door. Keep it up, the Lord will continually enlarge you, strengthen and grant you peace❤️❤️❤️💋💋

    1. Hello Yewande 👋 wow we’re talking 5 years ago! Thanks for cheering me all the way. It’s been quite a ride to be honest 😀

  33. Joy

    Hey Gbemi 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 I just want to say you’re doing a great job and I’m proud of Hegai and Esther and the incredible WOMAN behind it. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 thanks for the mail I feel connected already 😂💃🏼💃🏼

    1. Hey Joy 👋 Not everyday I get someone say I’m doing a great job, so thank you 🙏🏾 And thank you for the compliment. Glad to have you in y small corner 🙂

  34. Fbglam

    Really nice getting to know more about the face behind the lovely brand! About the puppy, just keep trying to make him understand and hopefully give in at some point. 😆 An introvert here as well 🥺.

    1. Hey Fbglam 👋 Nice connecting with another introvert 😀👩‍❤️‍👩 We’re a very introspective people which gives us the tendency to be knowledgeable about many things 👩‍🏫 I won’t stop trying o cos I really would like to have one.

  35. Fatima Said

    It was nice knowing the CEO ❤️ My name is fatima from kano, an aspiring professional makeup artist. Also an introvert but chatty under disguise of my keyboard 😌…Just gonna drop a prayer for you 🙂 May hubby continue spoiling you to the point he finally gets you a dog, lolz 😆. May H&E continue to soar higher. Much appreciation 💖

    1. Amennnn 🙏🏾 This prayer means a lot thank you Fatima ❤️ I mean who doesn’t like being spoilt 😀 #TeamChattyOnTheKeyboard 🍻

  36. Oluwagbogo

    This was really really nice to read. Thank you for sharing this part of you with us. Looking forward to more interactions

  37. Ruth Onuora

    It was really nice reading that,and for the records I love your product

    1. Thank you Ruth, glad you took the time to read and comment here ❤️ Thanks for supporting H&E too 🤗❤️🍫

  38. Tella Taiye

    Bravo ! a candor expression , had benefited from one of your free makeup pack. Keep the good work ma 🥰

  39. Oby Obi

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ awwwwww I feel you , your products are amazing and I am happy to be friends with you 🥰❤️

  40. Ovwata Ebibo Rita

    Wow, it’s truly great to read such an inspiring message from you. I’m truly thankful. I’m not a big fan of dogs myself, so I’ll stick with your hubby 😌, but truly I like what you do, I love your brand and I hope I will get to see you face to face some day.
    Thank you mam.

    1. Thank you for the love Rita 🤗 too bad we’re not on the same page in the dog department 😏 But it’s aiit, who knows you just might change your mind someday 😀

  41. Ovwata Ebibo Rita

    Wow, it’s truly great to read such an inspiring message from you. I’m truly thankful. I’m not a big fan of dogs myself, so I’ll stick with your hubby 😌, but truly I like what you do, I love your brand and I hope I will get to see you face to face some day.
    Thank you ma.

  42. Touchpro beauty palace

    🥰🥰🥰 wow I enjoyed every line of the write up. Nice hearing from you ma’am

  43. Caramel

    It was nice to get an email from you and I enjoyed reading every bit of it. However, I’ll rather have you as a mentor than as a friend because you’re more of a mother figure. I’m young 😌

  44. Waliyat


  45. Adeleye ibilola

    It’s such an honor to receive a letter from the CEO,,, lol and I love yam too 🤣.. and the dog matter, I guess you have to keep unlocking the bolts so that Pappi will eventually yield. I must also say it was nice reading ♥️

  46. Toyosi

    It was absolute fun reading your write up ma’am, I am glad I didn’t skip. Nice to meet you❤

  47. Temitope

    Thanks for sharing ❤️.
    My name is Temitope, nice to know you 🥰

  48. Anita


  49. Ekpo Felicia Uduak

    Sorry ma’am mine is rather coming in late. I love your honest write. I had fallen in love with you and your products long before now. Thanks for being a friend even if we haven’t met. Keep flying high 😘

    1. Hegai & Esther

      Oh it’s not late at all. Thanks for your love and trust for H&E, I hope we met some day 🤗❤️🍫

  50. Konko happiness

    It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am. Thank you so much for reaching out ma’am. Love you personally and your brand. ❤️❤️❤️

  51. La Reine

    ❤️ beautiful read, I love you!🥰

    1. Hegai & Esther

      Love you more. Thanks for reading this as well Reine … 🤗❤️🍫

  52. lanre

    nice dissemination. i could not believe i went through it. love it.

  53. Mide_exploits

    I read it all. God can’t expose me to this Success story of yours in vain, it’s a message for me. Weldone Ma’am.
    A beautiful family at that, Love you mama💞

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