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As she sat under the cashew tree, Esther ruminated over the traumatic events of her life. First she lost both her parents in a road accident, then her boyfriend, Samson, dumps her for Shira, Israel’s hottest chic. And just as she was beginning to pick up the pieces of her life, her little town in Israel was invaded by Persian soldiers, she was taken captive and shipped to Persia.

She looks at the tiny one-bed house that she and her cousin, Mordecai share and wonders if her dream of being a prominent Israeli political leader would ever become a reality. Back then in Israel her dad would tell her stories of how God delivered Israelites from their enemies; her favorite was the story of Deborah, the first and only female prophetess and judge at that time who inspired the Israelites to a mighty victory over their Canaanite oppressors. Those stories fueled her dreams back in the days when she was in Israel, dreams to impact her community, and like Deborah to emancipate her people from subordination. But today as she brushes her hand across the grass beside her, she couldn’t help but question everything she had always believed in, even her dream. Has God forsaken her and her people. Were her dreams valid or were they mere fantasies? These were  the thoughts that kept popping in her head.Image description
Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a car’s screeching brakes. She jumped to her feet as the car approached her because she recognized it was one of President Ahaseurus’ official cars. The car circles around her for a while as if to intimidate her, she could see the two men inside, Bigthan and Teresh, President Ahaseurus’ castrated mail men. An uncouth duo that often forget they are just as much second class citizens as she is. At this point she was getting agitated but managed to hide her feelings so as not to give them the privilege of riding on her emotions. The car finally stops, and without saying a word, Teresh throws an envelope at her and zooms off. “Typical” she shouts back at them, “after all I am mere mortal and undeserving of your respect!” She continued “Rubbish! It’s not your fault, if not for God that allowed your president to invade my country and has decided to watch us as we slave away in this land!”She continues as she brings out the letter inside the envelope, “A day is coming when God will vindicate me sha, all these small Persian boys that on a normal day cannot even look me in the eye, hmmmm it is well!”

The letter reads, “You have been nominated as one of the girls to participate in a royal beauty pageant being organized by the office of the Presidency in order to choose a First Lady for President Ahaseurus. Report to Osa Rock immediately” Esther scoffed as she tucked the letter into her waist satchel, “These boys think they can prank me abi, it’s like they are spending too much time watching those prank videos on YouTube. How could I possibly be nominated for a contest of this kind knowing fully well that I am not a citizen of Persia”. “Besides this is 2022, who writes letters in 2022? These guys must think I’m a fool”!

Esther didn’t think much about the letter, she goes about her daily activities until three day after when she sees Leah’s Instagram post “Off to Osa Rock to claim my crown, take that suckers!” Then Naomi’s post, “What God cannot do does not exist, Vashti is kicked out, your girl is going in”, even Talia posted “Haters keep hating, next time you see me I’ll be chilling with the big boys, the rest of you can be running kiti kiti kata kata!” Then her phone rings, it is Anna her neighbor, “Esther where are you? You’re the only one not here in Osa Rock and I can see your name on the list of contestants.” Esther ends the call, and in five minutes she is on her way to the Presidential Villa! Esther got to Osa Rock just as the pageant coordinator started reeling out the various fashion and beauty treatments that would be carried out on the contestants for the period of the 12 months that they’d be staying at the villa. “Excuse me ma!” Esther heard someone shout from the back of the hall, “twelve months ke, is it that serious???” The pageant coordinator answers “It’s ok to leave if you cannot stay that long, is it me that wants to become First Lady?”. Esther could hear the girl sitting in front of her whisper “we die here!”
Image descriptionThe girls were immediately placed in the care of Hegai, the kings Personal assistant in charge of beauty treatments. The whole pageant situation seemed like a dream to Esther, the sudden change of lifestyle, Hegai’s special liking to her and the extra beauty and fashion benefits she gets from him. Not to mention that the pageant is trending on Instagram, and from no where Samson is suddenly liking her posts and reposting them. “Bruh who send you?!”

For some reason her hope in her dreams was rekindled, everyday she would watch the senators and other political leaders drive by, it was as if God deliberately set this experience up to place her in an environment where she could see the possibility of her living her dream. “God may it be unto me according to my desire,”  she would say. This continues for the period of the twelve months that the girls were in the Presidential Villa. It finally came to Esther’s turn to parade before the king, Hegai gave her a spectacular face beat man! Her cheeks were contoured to perfection, her lips banging, and her highlights popping they could be seen from space! She was ready, physically and mentally. Hegai adjusts her gele, hands her a mirror and says “girl look at your self, you are First Lady material, brace up, you will win this contest.She won!But that’s not the story.The story is that she used her position as First Lady to stop what would have been the annihilation of her people who were living in Persia at that time. Her dream of becoming a political leader came true. Not the way she thought it would, but it did anyway.
Image descriptionBy now you must be wondering why I am telling this story, and what it has got to do with my life or business, after all that’s what I said my blog would be about. Actually it has got a lot to do with my  makeup business – Hegai & Esther. Like Hegai, we believe in the possibilities that makeup present. Not only does makeup enhance your beauty, it also has a mental transformative power. Makeup helps you to see that there’s more to you than the ordinary. And it helps to form your desired perception in the minds of people. It gives you an instant boost of confidence. Confidence that you look the part of a boss lady who is ready to take on the challenge in front of her; confidence that your appearance will open doors of opportunities; and confidence that you will get that crown that you have worked hard for.

So, we are Hegai, and you are Esther.
We create opportunities for you to thrive, we don’t set you up to go to hell. Mummy G.O lied!This story is based on true life’s events, although the plot and some characters have been tweaked. Don’t judge me. I guess I was desperate to do anything just to make you read to this point. For more on the story of Esther, read the Book of Esther in the Bible.You know I like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts, drop a comment, or simply tell Samson to chop his breakfast in peace. Pictures courtesy Hadassah: Queen Esther Prologue
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  1. Beautybylqm

    So got thrilled and carried away by the extra characters that I had to google about Samson and the hottest chic in Israel 🤣🤣
    You got me and at the same time gave that push.
    Quite intriguing, inspiring and lifting.
    Thank you Hegai, the Esther in me needed this at this time.

    1. Hegai & Esther

      Those were ‘extra’ characters 😄 but you know, Esther was just a normal person like you and I, and must have had normal everyday issues too. I’m glad you were inspired, to be honest even I was inspired too 🤗❤️🍫

  2. Presh Talker

    Such a beautiful and inspiring story. So well written too♥️


    1. Hegai & Esther

      Thank you Presh, it truly is an inspiring story, glad you like it 😁

  3. Iseoluwa

    So, i came here for business and your blog got me stuck. Just what i needed ma’am, even when it doesn’t make sense in the natural, God has a way of turning situations for our good.

    1. Hegai & Esther

      I’m so glad I was able to connect with you somehow, and yes you are right, God is working even when we can’t see it.
      Btw I hope you went back to business after the inspiration you received 😀

  4. Iseoluwa

    So, i came here for business and your blog got me stuck. Just what i needed ma’am, even when it doesn’t make sense in the natural, God has a way of turning situations for our good. Thanks for sharing your thought, and it was nice meeting you.

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