Eye Art

Using our single matte eyeshadows. I applied several matte shades on her eyes. I first applied Easter Monday, and Terrestrial, along her crease from the inner corner and out past the brow to act as a guide for the cut crease shape. Then, for more dimension and contrast, I layered on Inferno, a dark wine shade, on top.
After which, I made sure to blend these colors until there were no harsh lines.

Next, I used a small flat eyeshadow brush to create a cut crease shape from the inner corner, above her crease and then to her outer corner, winging it out at the end like a winged liner. It is important to create the crease above where her natural crease folds so when she opens her eye, the shadows on the lid can be seen.

Then, I applied a pressed powder, in shade HC 24 on the inner corner of her cut crease and on the outer corner to fill in her lid.

Lastly, I used Easter Monday, Terrestrial and inferno as a wing liner up to where the cut crease end.

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