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Whether you are a student, job-seeker, a business owner, or even an employee, H&E ZERO is specially designed to help you earn extra income from wherever you are, without having to deal with all the hassles associated with starting a business in Nigeria. This platform is for aspiring young business owners with the aim of building a community of financially free individuals who are driven by the passion to succeed in business, acquire high business and emotional intelligence, and also uplift others along the way. 

H&E ZERO gives everyone the platform, solutions, and support they need to begin retailing Hegai & Esther products without necessarily having to invest money in stocking up on physical products. All that’s required is for you to set up an online store on our website selling only Hegai & Esther products and then begin to market your new online business to your network, while Hegai & Esther handles the logistics of getting the products to them. You shall be given a commission on everything you sell. 

No hidden charges, no subscription fees. Just pay a one time sign up fee of ₦1,500 and start doing business.


Our product prices are affordable and highly competitive.
As a H&E ZERO vendor you can earn as high as 50% as commission from sales and from meeting targets.
H&E ZERO supports you with marketing tools, and offers free business management trainings.
No capital required to be an affiliate
All our products are NAFDAC approved, they are developed utilizing both non-toxic chemicals and ingredients that provide holistic and healing benefits to the skin.
Our products are manufactured giving special consideration to the black woman's unique skin tones, skin types and the peculiar African temperature.
Hegai & Esther is rated one of Nigeria’s top 10 growing beauty brands. We are focused on being socially responsible, and mainstreaming tried and tested business practices.


When you join our H&E Zero program and choose the products that you want to sell, we will provide you with a unique Vendor link, and banners that you can use to refer traffic to your page on our site. You are free to market to consumers on whatever channel you see fit, whether that’s a website, social network, digital billboards or through a search engine. 
When interested customers click on your link they get redirected to your page on our site and if they purchase a product you as the vendor make a commission. 

Click here to know the commissions you get on products sold.
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