Nude Ombré Lips

This is by far one of the simplest and fastest looks I have created in a long time. It has easily become my go-to look in the new year as I am yet to switch fully into glam mode after a very glamorous December 😃 You too can create this look without any hassle, all you need are 3 products and 3 easy steps.

  1. Outline your outer lips with our matte lipstick in the shade MALTY, smack your lips in order blend in the edges towards the inner lips.
  2. Fill in your inner lips with another liquid matte lipstick in shade BUTTERSCOTCH. I usually apply only on my lower lips because I don’t want to pack on too many layers. Smack your lips in order to get the upper lips stained and both lipstick colors blended. You can also choose to blend with a lip brush.
  3. Finally, apply clear lipgloss CLAIRE on both lips.