Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte)


Single matte eyeshadow refills with breathtaking colours that are highly pigmented and long wearing. The ultra fine texture glides easily on the skin, and easily blends with other colours

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 How To Use Eyeshadow Refill

Matte eyeshadow colors could either to worn alone as a single color on the eye or in combination with other colors.

Apply concealer to your lids and top it up with some photo perfect setting powder to set it. This will make your eye makeup to stay in place and last through the day.

The following are examples of how you could wear the eyeshadow colors:

Single Wear:

  • Using an eyeshadow brush, in a patting motion, apply color all over the lids and up to the crease, then using a clean brush blend the edges upward towards the brow bone. This will give you a subtle wash of color.

Multiple Wear:

  • Apply a neutral base color all over the eyelid all the way up to the crease. Blend out the edges.
  • Choose the focal point of the eye look you’re trying to create, For this look we are making the eyelid the focal point, so blend a deeper colored shadow on the lids to start creating your depth and dimension.
  • Go in with the deepest complimentary shade in the crease of the eye, focusing the color around the top and outer corners.
  • Blend out to contour using an angled precision brush.


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April, Brew, Earthling, Easter Monday, Eclipse, Harmattan, Immortal, Inferno, Mellow Yellow, Red Planet, Terrestrial, Thumbs Up, Whisper


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Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - easter-monday In Stock Easter Monday $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - immortal In Stock Immortal $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - mellow-yellow In Stock Mellow Yellow $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - harmattan Out of Stock Harmattan $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - red-planet In Stock Red Planet $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - brew In Stock Brew $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - april In Stock April $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - inferno In Stock Inferno $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - terrestrial In Stock Terrestrial $1.05
Single Eyeshadow Refill (Matte) - thumbs-up Out of Stock Thumbs Up $1.05