How Do I Become An Hegai & Esther Wholesale Reseller?

Thank you for your interest in the Hegai & Esther Wholesale program. To speed up the application approval process, please enter your company name and business phone number into the fields requesting this information.

If you have a website, please enter the URL into the appropriate field on the registration form. If you have a physical retail store, please enter the store’s physical address into the address fields. You must inform us of all the venues in which you plan to sell our beauty products. List any additional venues in the Comments box of the registration form.

We will send you an email to notify if we approve or deny your wholesale application within a few days.

By submitting a wholesale application, you have read, understand and agree to our Wholesale Terms And Conditions.

If you already have a retail customer account on our website, use a different user email to register as a wholesale reseller. If you use the same email for your retail and wholesale account, it will cause confusion in our system and void both accounts.