In the biblical book named after her, Esther is a young orphaned Jewish woman living in the Persian diaspora who finds favor with the king, becomes queen, and risks her life to save the Jewish people from annihilation.

The king’s eunuch, Hegai, was very instrumental in Esther’s becoming, he was experienced in the art of personal grooming fit for royals, and he took special care of Esther by giving her the best preparatory beauty treatments fit for a queen.

Our work culture is hinged on this inspirational story of Esther whom God lifted from obscurity to prominence. Like Hegai, we see your beauty and we see your greatness. We believe that you are throne-worthy and so we are committed to giving you the beauty solutions that will accentuate your unique features, and indubitably create opportunities for your queenship to come through.

We are Hegai, you are Esther, and the world is your kingdom.

Welcome to your extraordinary.