Lip Definer


Mineral based and super pigmented, this lip liner set frames your lips with precision helping to prevent the feathering and bleeding of your lip color, whilst also nourishing your lips. A set of nude brown shades with warm undertones, and a velvety formula. It is non-cracking and non-flaking, making it suitable to be worn all over the lips for an all day wear.

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Lip Definer - barely In Stock Barely 1,700.00
Lip Definer - bite-me In Stock Bite Me 1,700.00
Lip Definer - brown-sugar In Stock Brown Sugar 1,700.00
Lip Definer - kiss-kiss In Stock Kiss Kiss 1,700.00
Lip Definer - pillow-talk In Stock Pillow Talk 1,700.00
Lip Definer - pouted In Stock Pouted 1,700.00
Lip Definer - snap In Stock Snap 1,700.00
Lip Definer - wife-material In Stock Wife Material 1,700.00
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Why you need this Lip Liner Set

1. Lip Definer is the ultimate shape shifter. With it you can create an illusion of  full lips or thin lips, you can also correct the shape of uneven lips by drawing the shape you wish to create.

2. Because of  Lip Definer’s waxy  formula, it is able to hold back your lipstick and prevent it from bleeding.

3. Lip Definer will frame your lips and give them definition, giving a neat finish to the lip makeup.

4. Lip Definer is richly pigmented and can be applied all over the lips.

5. They are paraben-free, and cruelty-free.


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Barely, Bite Me, Brown Sugar, Kiss Kiss, Pillow Talk, Pouted, Snap, Wife Material


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