Makeup Seal


Revives gel liners, brow pomades, or any hard and unblendable product, thereby restoring them back to the usual creamy smooth state.

Makes makeup colours more pigmented.

It is a mixing medium for foundation and concealer. It makes them blend and glide smoothly. Perfect on dry skin.

Base for eye makeup. Excellent base for powders, pigments, eyeliners and mascara. Can be used directly on the lids or mixed in a palette before applying on the eyelids.

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An alcohol-free, waterless and odorless liquid converter that helps to transform any powdery pigment or makeup item into a softer form.

It increases the intensity of makeup colours and instantly makes them waterproof and smudge-proof.
It helps to revive gel liners and enables you to experiment with makeup.

5 reviews for Makeup Seal

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    This is the magic portion for makeup. Everything I mix it with comes alive, I’m getting for all my friends

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    Tonia’s Touch

    I came across this first at the makeup fair few years ago. I decided to give it a try last year to revive the tons of gel liners in my kit that were dried out rather than repurchasing a few more. Here’s the gist: It’s budget friendly and does the job of reviving dry eyeliners, it increases the intensity of colours, pigments e.t.c and makes them smudge proof, it can be used to convert powdery products into liners but I would like to state though that I was a bit disappointed because in just 3 use, the makeup seal dried out and became very viscous. Hence, it was no longer of use. I honestly don’t think I’ll be restocking but if you are on a budget, you might wanna try this out. However, if you want something that will last overtime and don’t mind sparing a few more bucks, you might wanna try something else.

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    This is such a good product, does the work for me. The fact that I could use it to create a colored liner by putting a drop on my eyeshadow is GREAT but it dry up so fast after few use, kindly work on that please.

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      We appreciate your review. We will see to it that future releases beat your expectations

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    Makeup Addición

    I love the fact that it can be used for different purposes


    When applied to revive a gel liner after one use… the gel liner becomes extremely dry than it was previously

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      Thanks for stating your observation, we’ll look into this

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    Such an amazing product. Love how the H&E makeup seal helps you to use your gel liners, eyeshadow and pigments to the fullest. It doesn’t break or smudge and it can stay on for as long as you want. And the best part is, just a few drops of the seal goes a long way.

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