Adding rhinestones to eye makeup looks has become a trend in the past few years. Its safe to say that we have come to love the idea of adding a bit of glitz and sparkle to our looks. This is a cut crease bejeweled look which i created for our Valentine’s Day campaign, please read below how i applied the rhinestones.

First i applied eyeshadows on the lids all the way to the crease of the eye, using the shades brew, terrestrial and pixie dust.

I squeezed a bit of adhesive glue on a mixing palette. I used Duo glue because it dries to a clear color.

Using tweezers, I picked the rhinestone and dipped into the adhesive glue on the mixing palette and waited a few seconds for it to get tacky/sticky. The rhinestones were then placed along the edge of the crease to sculpt a perfect cut crease.

I gently pressed the rhinestone down onto the skin with my fingernail to make sure it is secure (long nails come in handy at this point😀).

Rhinestone eye makeup is a fun way to wear your makeup as it adds an accent to your overall look. The good thing about working with atones is that you can decide how far you want to go, either a simple look using a few stones or an all-out look using a lot stones.

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