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Full, well defined brows aren’t just for those who were naturally blessed with them. Those with thin, sparse eyebrows can achieve a fuller looking well defined brow with the help of three major products – brow filler, spoolie, concealer, and foundation. For this look I used our Brow Pow!, Photo Perfect Concealer, and Photo Perfect Foundation.

1. I always like to start by brushing the brows along their natural lines, which was exactly how I started this look.

2. Using Brow Pow! in the shade Ebony, I traced out the shape I wanted to achieve starting with  the inner part of the bottom  brows. After which I did same for the upper brows.

3. Then I worked the pencil into the brows shading upwards from the bottom defining line that I drew on first. I drew hair-like strokes in places where the hairs are sparse, and painted slightly where there wasn’t hair at all.

4. Using the spoolie brush at the end of the pencil, I brushed out her hair to make sure everything looks well blended and natural where the brow pencil has been applied.

5. I wanted to define the created brows and also highlight the brow bones at the same time, so starting from the inner bottom brows I swiped her foundation shade all the way to the start of the arch, then a light shade of concealer from there all the way to the end of the brows.

6. Blend! Blend! Blend, and you are fab to go!

What are your go-to products for defining your eyebrows? Please share in the comments box below 👇🏾


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