Soft Look

Easy Steps On How To Create This Soft Glam Makeup Look


There are so many different ways to achieving a soft glam makeup, a lot of which are very effective and give the desired result. In this tutorial I will be sharing how I achieved this simple makeup look following ten simple steps.

1. First I cleansed and moisturized her skin.Then 2. I applied face primer on her T-zone.
3. I allowed the primer to set for a minute then I went in with a sheer amount of Photo Perfect foundation in the shade cocoa.

4. I wanted to brighten the model’s under eye and forehead so I applied a sheer amount of  concealer in those areas, after which I set with setting powder.

5. To set the foundation, I used pressed powder in the shade HW37.

6. To define the brows I used Brow Pow! in the shade Ebony.

7. Soft look doesn’t always mean nude eyes, so I used a combination of matte eyeshadows in the shades Terrestrial and Harmattan.

8. I curled her lashes using mascara. Then attached a natural looking faux mink eyelashes in the style 3D-612.

9. I wanted more colors on her face so I used Artistick lipsticks in Cuddle and Lagos Party. Cuddle to frame the lips, Lagos Party to fill.

10. To crown the whole look, I applied a bit of, highlighter on her high points which are her cheek bones, brow bones, forehead and chin.

And that’s it! It looks like a lot of steps, but once you get into your routine, the application goes by so fast. Let me know if you have any questions or any makeup looks you’d like me to share.


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